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  • “I have been in partnership with Results Hospitality now for a little over 9 years. I have chosen the word ‘partnership’ over ‘customer’ as they’ve worked with to me build my bottom line. Collaborating on goals and steps to achieve them, inventory controls with detailed reporting, and staff training are some of the Results Hospitality tools I’ve used to see great results in my business. I would be more than happy to speak directly with anyone who is considering building a partnership with this team.”

    – Dave Knight, Director of Operations
    The Citizen
  • “The Distillery Restaurants Corp. has relied on Results Hospitality for years to provide accurate, timely information that allows us to manage our business resulting in increased profits. I would highly recommend Results Hospitality to any business that wishes to not only operate great restaurants but also drive profits in the process.”

    – Rik Ocvirk, Director of Operations
    The Distillery Restaurants Corp.
  • “Results Hospitality provides us coaching and support, critical reporting and insights on a weekly basis. I can’t imagine running a hospitality operation without this level of clarity and support in the business.”

    – Kit Andrew, Owner
    Nashville North

Results Hospitality Partners

La Vecchia
Shangri-La Hotel Toronto
Bisha Hotel
Distillery Restaurants Corp.
Drake Properties
St Regis
The Parlour

Operational Health Check

We all know it is best to go to the doctor before we are sick but very few of us do so. When was the last time you performed an evaluation of the health of your operation?

Our Operational Health Check program has our team complete a full evaluation of 1 or all 4 core areas of your operation:

  • Beverage Product Management
  • Systems & Tools
  • Service & Guest Experience
  • Financial Reporting & Data Analysis

Inventory Control

Are you making the money you feel you deserve from your operation?

The average operator with good inventory systems in place loses 8-12% of their inventory every week. Our average client experiences losses of less than 2% and in the process they are adding $1,000’s in additional profit to their bottom line.

We provide 3 solutions that help our clients achieve their goals:

  • Do it with you
  • Do it for you
  • Provide you the tools and support to have your team do it

To learn more about our no-risk trial please provide your information here

Guest Experience Evaluations

Are your staff consistently delivering your guests the experience you expect and desire? In today’s competitive market, delivering a memorable guest experience is critical to any operator’s success.

To help ensure our client’s service expectations are being met, we create customized evaluation reports, send certified evaluators to your locations and present you with an easy to read and actionable report.

If you are not taking a formal approach to evaluating and measuring your guest experience, we encourage you to start today.

People Focused Workshops & Consulting Services

Many operators are experiencing annual staff turnover of 100% or more. The impact of this on your guest and your operation can be costing you $10,000’s in lost revenue and $1,000’s in lost profit.

To help our clients improve in this critical area we have created a series of workshops and coaching on:

  • Management & Staff Hiring
  • Management and Staff Induction, and Ongoing Training
  • Prioritization, Focusing on What Matters Most
  • Communication, Celebration and Behavior Correction

Looking to improve your bottom line? Download the Operational Health Assessment

Health Assesement

Profit Focused Workshops & Consulting Services

The average operator in the industry makes less than 5% net profit, while some operators make significant double-digit profits.

Over the last 10 years we have studied 100’s of operators and identified 3 core profitability pillars. We work with our clients to review their performance in these areas while identifying opportunities for change.

Areas include:

  • Product Management
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Peak Selling Periods

Process Focused Workshops & Consulting Services

In an industry with so many moving parts and variables, it is our processes that will ensure our operational success.

Through our work and study of operations across North America we have built a set of proven processes and best practices that we review, discuss and implement with our clients:

  • Purchasing & Receiving
  • POS System
  • Draught System
  • Par Levels
  • Beverage Product Consistency

Retail Pricing Strategy

Beverage costs continue to rise every year. If these increases are not reviewed and acted on regularly, they can quickly chew into your profits.

To ensure our clients have the ideal pricing strategy while maximizing profit potential, we perform a full pricing, service size, and POS system review. Through this review we identify areas and forecast the impact of price or serving size adjustments

Competitive Pricing Analysis

Are you the highest or lowest price point within your core group of competitors? When was the last time you took a detailed look?

There is more competition in the market than ever before. Many operators are using pricing to attract guests without factoring in the impact that pricing has on their bottom line.

Working with our clients we identify a core list of competitors to compare retail pricing and serving sizes. This allows our clients to make quick and critical pricing decisions and claim their space in the market.


Continuing to Create Visibility

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to be a guest in your own restaurant?  To see and understand how your operation flows while you’re not present? In today’s competitive market, delivering a memorable guest experience is critical to any operator’s success and we’ve got a suggestion to help you create that visibility.…

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Summer Inventory Solutions

Hello Hospitality professionals, As someone who has been involved in the hospitality industry for almost 20 years, I wanted to discuss a few sound inventory practices to get you through the busy summer months and beyond. Depending on your locations, the summer can bring about a great boom for your business, especially as people rush…

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Spring into Patio Season

Spring has finally sprung, and it’s time for the annual Toronto tradition of wearing shorts and flip-flops in May and sitting on a patio in 15-degree weather to enjoy some food and drink in the sun. During the build-up to summer, there are a few key projects that almost every bar and restaurant undertakes to…

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Next Level Training

Education and training are without-a-doubt two of the most vital components to elevating any service experience for a guest.  Most staff training tends to focus on topics such as tastings, pairings and presentations from industry-led brand ambassadors.  As insightful as these trainings and seminars can be when was the last time you planned a staff…

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Why Every Restaurateur Needs to Rethink Profitability in 2019

Whether your business made 2% or 20% profit in 2018, running your business the exact same way in 2019 will not guarantee the same results. With continuously rising costs, high staff turn-over, and average product losses of 8-12% occurring behind the bar, understanding your cost of goods sold “target versus actual” can be the difference…

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Feeling the Squeeze Yet?

Rising Labour Costs and Your Profitability   In six months from now minimum wage will increase by 22.8%, and then again 12 months later, raising your labour cost by a total 31.5% by January of 2019 from where it sits today. These increases will hit the hardest in the hospitality industry, as already shrinking profit…

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About The Results Hospitality Blog

Welcome to our Blog! Over the last 10 years of consulting in the hospitality industry I have seen and heard it all.  Together with our team at Results I have worked with over 100+ restaurants, bars, hotels, and nightclubs in the Toronto core and surrounding cities. In starting this blog series, it is my hope…

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The One Thing You Need To Stop Doing… Today

Delegation How many times have you heard “if you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself”? Although most of us have a deep seeded belief that this is true, often times we could not be more wrong. It takes effort and judgement to decide what is best to hold on to,…

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Price and Profitability

Many operators have great menus, but the wrong pricing strategy. One of the best quotes I have heard is “if you are an inch off at takeoff, you can be a mile away when your reach your destination.” By starting with a pricing strategy that is on point today, it can deliver the profits you…

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Out of Control Out of Business

Out of Control, Out of Business

High gross margins on beverages and food have covered up a massive amount of operating errors in businesses. Now—what with increasing costs, bargain seeking, and socially connected consumers—those margins are eroding, and operators are being forced to look closer than ever before at inventory control. What they’re finding is that the average bar/restaurant is losing…

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